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  • EU Commission refers SLOVENIA to the Court of Justice over transposition of budgetary rules +++ 

# ERC: 

  • Latest publications by the ERC: 
    • Under the ERC 2018 Proof of Concept (PoC) Grant, is it preferable to have a project of 12 or of 18 months? +++ 
    • Under the ERC 2018 PoC call, can the related costs for establishing a company (i.e. accountant, notary) be considered eligible in the proposal? +++ 
    • Under an ERC 2018 Proof of Concept (PcC) project, are time sheets needed for the Principal Investigator?
    • Under ERC 2018 PoC, which type of feedback will I receive for my proposal during and after evaluation for the ERC Proof of Concept (PoC) call?
    • Under call ERC 2018 PoC, should the applicant provide the names and the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the team members in the proposal?
    • Under call ERC 2018 PoC, can a spin-off company be the Host Institution ?
    • According to the conditions applied to the ERC frontier research Grants 2018 (StG / CoG / AdG / SyG), can a Principal Investigator (PI) cover this role in more than one proposal at the same time?
    • Under ERC 2018 PoC call, which is the general rule for Principal Investigator (PI) commitment?
    • Under the ERC 2018 PoC call, if a proposal was not funded in the first deadline (cut-off-date), can it be resubmitted for the second or third deadline of the same call?
    • Under an ERC 2018 PoC, what are the reporting requirements of a project?


  • EU Commission supports Member States in implementing State aid schemes under ESI Funds
  • Bulgarian town of Silistra to be revitalised
  • A report compares business environment in 22 cities in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania with 187 other economies
  • Sardinia to boost public services with open data


  • Investment Plan for Europe: EIB fosters Nosto’s expansion and product innovation


  • Latest publications by the EIB
    • La BEI signe un nouvel accord de coopération avec l'Algérie
    • 450 Millionen Euro: EU-Bank stellt weiteren Kredit für Emscher-Umbau bereit
    • EIB lends EUR 230 million to Municipality of Florence for smart city projects
    • A decade of success: the EU bank marks ten years of activities in Georgia with major new loans
    • Visite officielle de Roman Escolano, Vice-Président de la BEI en Algérie (12-14 juillet 2017)
    • Investment Plan for Europe: EIB fosters Nosto’s expansion and product innovation
    • The EIB Group Risk Management Disclosure Report 2016
    • EIB annual 18-K/A report 2016 (Amendment No. 3)


  • Atlantic Ocean: EU boosts research cooperation with Brazil and South Africa
  • Speech by EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas on the occasion of the signing of the Belém Statement
  • Research Headlines - Preserving sponge grounds in the North Atlantic
  • Success Stories - Strategy to scale-up fish industry's competitiveness


  • FET project findings on contagion of fear of crime
  • Zero Gravity Graphene: testing space applications
  • State of Play: Interoperability in EU NIFO Report 2016


  • Circular Italian project turns livestock waste into a resource - The LIFE Programme


  • Pilot Project - European platform on vulnerable people in the Information Society: mapping best practices and socio-economic impact for the empowerment


  • European Commission Joint Research Centre opens its laboratories to wider scientific community


  • Partners of the UfM-labelled project “Mediterranean New Chance” exchange concrete best practices to improve youth employability in the Mediterranean


  • Bundesministerin Wanka zu dem deutsch-französischen Fellowship-Programm für Klima-, Energie- und Erdsystemforschung


  • DG RTD
    • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on the award of one grant under Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020)


  • Next meeting of the Committee on Budgets - Committee on Budgets
  • Amendments 1 - 19 - Control of spending and monitoring of EU Youth Guarantee schemes cost-effectiveness - PE 608.060v01-00 - Committee on Budgets


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