IEU EURO & FINANCE Telegram 27 March 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Draft report - Towards a pan-European covered bonds framework - PE 597.729v01-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs +++ 

# EMU: 

  • Why was the last TLTRO take-up unexpectedly high? - Bruegel +++ 
  • BIS: Mario Vella: EMU governance - a reality check +++ 
  • BIS: Fabio Panetta: "Ever Closer Union" - The legacy of the Treaties of Rome for today's Europe +++ 


  • ECB: Speech  Peter Praet: The economic situation in the euro area and the implications for monetary policy
  • ECB welcomes dialogue with NGOs on transparency
  • ECB: Monetary developments in the euro area
  • ECB: CON/2017/8 Opinion on limiting the obligation to receive cash payments


  • ECB Banking Supervision - Annual press conference
  • BIS: Sabine Lautenschläger: Taming the fire
  • Opinion - European Deposit Insurance Scheme - PE 592.152v02-00 - Committee on Constitutional Affairs


  • Speech  Sabine Lautenschläger: Digital na(t)ive? Fintechs and the future of banking


  • ESMA discusses haircuts in EU securities financing transactions

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