IEU FUNDING Telegram 7 Oct 2016

Our telegram headlines today*:


  • Cohesion Policy at work: key outcomes of EU investments in 2007-2013
  • La 14ème édition de la Semaine européenne des régions et des villes commence lundi
  • Bund schafft Voraussetzungen für eine umfassende Investitionsberatung für Kommunen


  • Meetings with National Parliaments - Towards better spending in shared management - 08-11-2016 - Committee on Budgetary Control
  • Updated: Procedure documents: Parliament's position: Amendments not adopted by the Committee on Budgets


  • St 13001 2016 Init EIB Evaluation of the functioning of EFSI


  • The European Investment Bank in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific: Business Strategy 2016-2018


  • Policy Brief: "Poycentric Territorial Structures and Territorial Cooperation"


  • Success Stories - EU and India cooperate on kick-starting bioeconomy
  • Research Headlines - High-quality stockfish every time
  • Events - 2nd World Bioenergy Congress and Expo - 29-30 June 2017, Madrid, Spain
  • Events - KNect365 Life Sciences’ Crops & Chemicals Europe - 8-9 February 2017, Berlin, Germany


  • Conference on Responsible Governance for Healthy and Sustainable Smart Platforms
  • DG Connect Call: The sectoral impact of the digitisation of the economy
  • Webinars from ASCETIC project
  • Results of EIF consultation available


  • Targeting Brain Tumours with Nanomedicines

# HORIZON 2020

  • Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme 2018-2020 - Stakeholder Consultation Workshop Agenda
  • A move to bring down costs for light electric vehicles - Horizon 2020
  • H2020 Info Day: Customised computing and ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMES (I4MS)


  • Re-Industrialisation of the European Union 2016 - COST Event


  • Nobel Prize winner Prof. Bernard L. Feringa and his ERC-funded research


  • Selection results : Creative Europe/Support for Refugee Integration, Call EACEA 12/2016
  • Call for proposal: Support to European Networks EACEA 39/2016
  • The Selection results for the Support to TV Programming 2016 – round 2


  • EU Commission: The European Union steps up support for victims of deadly hurricane Matthew


  • Latest documents from DG RTD
  • Latest documents from DG REGIO
  • Latest documents from EU JRC
  • Latest documents from DG BUDG
  • Cm 4274 2016 Init BUDGET COMMITTEE
  • ST 13015 2016 INIT Draft amending budget No 5 to the general budget for 2016: Implementation of the Own Resources Decision No 2014/335/EU further to the closing of the ratification process and its entry into force on 1 October 2016
  • St 12915 2016 Init Multiannual Financial Framework (2014-2020) Review/Revision - Draft Presidency report on the state of play of work undertaken in the FoP (MFF Review/Revision)
  • St 12280 2016 Rev 1 Cor 1 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020 Review/Revision - organisation of work in the Council


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