IEU FUNDING Telegram 25 Oct 2016

Our telegram headlines today*:


  • Investment Plan for Europe supports RDI in aerospace and transport links in Denmark and infrastructure in France
  • Plan d’investissement pour l’Europe: La BEI investit 40M€ dans Quaero European Infrastructure Fund
  • #InvestEU: European support for Copenhagen airport expansion
  • #InvestEU: European investments for safer air and sea travel as EFSI supports Danish aerospace manufacturer Terma
  • EU Commission  Answer - Support for SMEs under the European Fund for Strategic Investments - E-006213/2016


  • Parliament clashes with Council on EU’s 2017 budget and MFF mid-term revision
  • Highlights - Vote on resolution on MFF mid-term revision ahead of talks with the Council - Committee on Budgets
  • Publications - Procedure documents : Overview table of BUDG vote - Committee on Budgets
  • EPP: No cuts in EU money for growth and jobs


  • Urban Innovative Actions : 2nd Call for Proposals and Call for Experts
  • Green light to prolong top-up in EU funding for projects in Greece and Cyprus
  • EU Commission Answer - Misuse of European funding in the Czech Republic - E-006656/2016


  • Public-public partnerships in research - European Parliamentary Research Service


  • Panel Members ERC Starting Grant 2016


  • Success Stories - Fibres of the universe may feed galaxies
  • Research Headlines - Turning grass into fuel


  • Research and innovation challenges for Switzerland, Norway and Iceland published
  • In vitro Dosimetry to improve nanomaterial safety assessment
  • Radon in drinking water: overview of measurements methods


  • “Vacuum Vessel In-Service Inspection (ISI) – Phase 2 For work packages WP 3 + WP 6” Work Package WP 3: VV Shell Inspection tools and RH Equipment Work Package WP 6: VV Bolts Inspection Tool


  • National Student Fee and Support Systems in European Higher Education – 2016/17
  • Erasmus+: Jean Monnet - Activities 2017


  • ECA: Improve systems for mapping farm fields, say EU Auditors


  • EU Commission announces new support to tackle root causes of migration in Senegal
  • The EU has announced new actions to respond to the El Niño and food security crisis in the Horn of Africa



  • Latest documents by DG DEVCO
  • Latest documents by DG REGIO
  • Latest documents by DG RTD
  • Latest documents by DG CNECT


  • EU Commission Answer - Impact on UK university funding - post-EU referendum - E-006089/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - Total payments to Bulgaria for 2007-2013 Rural Development Programme - P-007015/2016
  • EU Commission: Answer - Transnational funding - E-006241/2016
  • Draft agenda - Wednesday, 9 November 2016 - Thursday, 10 November 2016 - PE 592.409v01-00 - Committee on Regional Development
  • Amendments 1 - 123 - Increasing the effectiveness of development cooperation - PE 592.237v01-00 - Committee on Development
  • Publications - European Parliament : Report on Budgetary and Financial Management 2014 - Committee on Budgetary Control


  • CM 4531 2016 INIT Friends of the Presidency Group (Multiannual Financial Framework) (MFF)


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