IEU LEGAL Telegram 27 Sept 2016

Our telegram headlines today*:


  • Antitrust: Commission sends Statement of Objections to International Skating Union on its eligibility rules


  • Panama Papers: “This is so wrong, it has to stop”, investigative journalists tell MEPs
  • EPP: European Parliament calls for tighter rules for Code of Conduct for Commissioners: "Code of Conduct for Commissioners should be mandatory and not voluntary"
  • Stopping large-scale tax evasion practices and protecting whistleblowers are top priorities say S&Ds
  • Panama Papers: ALDE stresses need for action and demands effective protection for whistle blowers
  • EU-Abgeordneter Theurer (ALDE/FDP) zur heutigen Anhörung im Panama-Untersuchungsausschuss
  • Die Grünen: "EU" leaks geht an den Start!
  • EU-Abgeordneter Fabio De Masi (DIE LINKE) zum PANA-Ausschuss: Journalisten bestätigen Linke-Forderungen


  • Pressebriefing zur morgigen Verabschiedung des Vorschlags für ein verpflichtendes Lobbyregister durch die EU-Kommission
  • Latest entries into the EU Transparency Register
  • Transparency, accountability and integrity in the EU institutions: committee debate
  • EU Commission Answer - Inside information divulged to lobbyists from within the Commission - E-004002/2016


  • EU Commission Answer - On tax rulings and other measures similar in nature - E-005727/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) - E-005680/2016


  • EU Commission Answer - Brexit and EU institution officials - E-005147/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - The future of the Commission President in the wake of Brexit - E-005224/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - EU institutions based in the United Kingdom - E-005714/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - Discrimination in the aftermath of the Brexit vote - E-005791/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - UK representatives to be respected in Parliament - E-005627/2016
  • Bruegel: The Continental Partnership proposal: a reply to five main criticisms


  • Highlights - A European Pillar of Social Rights - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs


  • EU Parliament: IPR Mission report from Beijing, China - 17-05-2016 - Committee on Legal Affairs


  • ALDE calls for greater powers for the European Ombudsman
  • Recommendation in case OI/13/2014/JF on the European External Action Service's non-recognition of a third country court ruling: payment of compensation Made in accordance with Article 3(6) of the Statute of the European Ombudsman


  • Latest news - Meetings schedule - Committee on Legal Affairs
  • Publications - Timetables : Timetables - Committee on Legal Affairs - Timetables - updated on 27.09.2016
  • JURI: Plenary votes and debates - Committee on Legal Affairs
  • Publications - Roll call votes : Result of roll-call votes - Committee on Legal Affairs - Result of roll-call votes of 26 September 2016


  • Business registers in Member States - Italy
  • Hellenic Council of State's judicial decisions now available on the ECLI Search Engine
  • EU Commission Answer - Deepening the EU - E-005604/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - Legal aid for companies - E-005592/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - Official withdrawal of Switzerland's request to join the EU - E-005490/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - EU Justice Scoreboard: transparency of European courts - E-005612/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - Compliance with Directive 93/13/EEC on unfair terms in contracts - E-005787/2016
  • ST 5849 2015 INIT Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications
  • ST 5844 2015 INIT Directive 2013/55/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 November 2013 amending Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications and Regulation (EU) No 1024/2012 on administrative cooperation through the Internal Market Information System (‘the IMI Regulation’)


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