IEU INNOVATION Telegram 19 August 2016


  • How will robotics applications change the transport of people and goods? - European Parliamentary Research Service
  • BMBF: Damit der Datenfluss nicht ins Stocken gerät - Deutschland tritt europäischem Bioinformatik-Netzwerk bei


  • Cross-border consumer rights enforcement  - Commission Decision regarding the follow-up to National Parliaments' Opinions - reply to the Riksdag (SE) - COM(2016) 283 final
  • EU Commission Answer - Infringements of European single market regulations by Scandinavian countries - E-005102/2016
  • EU Commission Answer - Additional security services: ensuring fair competition on the Italian market and uniform certifications across Member States - E-004912/2016
  • EP Report - Control of the acquisition and possession of weapons - A8-0251/2016 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection


  • EESC: 42nd meeting of the Labour Market Observatory on the topic of legal migration



  • Commission Decision appointing the members of the European Consumer Consultative Group and their alternates
  • DÉCISION DE LA COMMISSION relative à la suspension des paiements intermédiaires du Fonds social européen pour le programme opérationnel d'intervention communautaire du Fonds social européen au titre de l'objectif "compétitivité régionale et emploi" de la Belgique Fédérale CCI 2007 BE 052 PO 003

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