IEU FUNDING Telegram 15 August 2016


  • EP Draft opinion - Investing in jobs and growth - maximising the contribution of European Structural and Investment Funds: an evaluation of the report under Article 16(3) of the CPR - PE 587.477v01-00 - Committee on Transport and Tourism
  • ESPON: Workshop “Polycentric Territorial Structures and Territorial Cooperation: What, where and how?”

# HORIZON 2020

  • Horizon 2020: Cutting congestion with connected driving
  • Horizon 2020: European Commission eases market access for 15 innovative projects with €32 million
  • Horizon 2020: New ways to make stronger crops
  • Horizon 2020: eseia Professional Training on Green Mobility and System Integration


  • ERC: Guidelines on the Implementation of Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Projects


  • EU Commission eases market access for 15 innovative projects with €32 million
  • Success Stories - Improving our understanding of our seas


  • EU Commission Call for proposals to try out innovative strategies to enhance the circulation of European TV content throughout Europe
  • Call for tenders: Smart factories in new EU Member States
  • Call for tenders: Update of the European data market study — SMART 2016/0063
  • Ex-ante publicity for call for tenders: Digital Innovation Hubs Catalogue - SMART 2016/0002
  • Galileo-EGNOS award scheme innovative ideas and support for incubation
  • Micro-Nano Electronics session at the ICT Proposers' Day 2016
  • The European Nanoelectronics Forum 2016
  • Workshop: 'Cross-cutting Key Enabling Technologies for Health'


  • ELTIS: Pan-EU procurement strategy 'can lower fuel cell bus prices'
  • ELTIS: CIVITAS Insight on public involvement released


  • Research Participant Portal: Call for proposals for action grants 2016: rights of the child; violence against children


  • Ideal-ist partner search: PS-DE-101391: EPORE - Energy Poverty Reduction in Eastern Europe
  • Ideal-ist partner search: Ps-Es-101304: Mipci


  • Europe supports social and micro-enterprises in Austria with EUR 10 million


  • Latest calls by EuropeAid
  • 138322 - Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life Grant Scheme (SDW)
  • 138166 - Supply of Equipment, Tools and software Lot I- Equipment and Tools Lot II- Softwares
  • 138165 - Supply of Equipment for Road Research Center, ERA
  • 137428 - Travaux de réhabilitation et de renforcement de la route nationale n°04 (RN04) Koupéla – Gounghin /CU2a (34 Km)
  • 138162 - Fourniture et livraison de Matériel Informatique
  • 138163 - Fourniture et livraison d’équipements et matériels de laboratoires
  • 138022 - Technical Assistance to Public Broadcasters RTS and RTV
  • 138107 - Accélération de l'application de la loi relative au domaine foncier rural par les filières agricoles
  • 138317 - Appel à Manifestation d’Intérêt dans le cadre des actions de visibilité et communication de l'Union européenne en Mauritanie
  • 153169 - Flood recovery-Housing Interventions
  • 137406 - Evaluation Support Services
  • 137186 - Supply of Equipment for Adıyaman WW Project
  • 138309 - Supply and Installation of Office Furniture and Equipment
  • 138312 - Supply of Equipment for Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training in Turkey (IQVET)



  • Answer - European legislative framework for establishing and penalising the creation of artificial conditions for accessing EU funding - E-004442/2016
  • Answer - VP/HR - Israeli demolition of buildings constructed with European Union funding - E-004526/2016
  • Answer - EMFF co-financing rates - E-004578/2016
  • Answer - Preserving UK participation in Erasmus scheme - P-005463/2016
  • Answer - Implementation level of European Fund for Regional Development (2007-2013) in Spain - E-004989/2016
  • Answer - Europe Direct information centres - E-005034/2016
  • Answer - Funding for universities under Horizon 2020 instruments - E-004856/2016
  • Answer - Political influence on the uptake of EU funding - E-004867/2016
  • Answer - Fines for irregular use of EU funding - E-004640/2016
  • Answer - Grant under the Creative Europe programme - E-004620/2016
  • Answer - Integrated policy for mountainous regions and call for a standard definition of a 'mountain area' - E-004184/2016
  • Answer - Cohesion policy in mountainous regions of the EU - E-004189/2016
  • Answer - Compensation from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) for redundant Ilektroniki Athinon (Athens Electronics Company) employees - E-003370/2016

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