IEU ENERGY Telegram 12 August 2016


    • Public opinion and EU action on industrial policy, energy supply and security: exploring the expectations gap - European Parliamentary Research Service
    • Public expectations and EU policies – Industrial policy
    • Public expectations and EU policies – Energy supply and energy security


    • EU Commission Answer - European platform for associations of distribution network operators - The Commission, and more specifically its Directorate-General for Energy, is considering setting up a European platform of associations of distribution network operators along the lines of ENTSO in the electricity sector. - E-004137/2016
    • ENTSO-E: All TSOs' proposal for a Congestion Income Distribution Methodology
    • Workshop on Connection Network Codes Implementation guidance documents - ENTSO-E


    • EU Commission Answer - Energy labelling - E-004566/2016
    • Bundeswirtschaftsministerium Gabriel: Efficiency First - diskutieren Sie mit uns das Grünbuch Energieeffizienz!
    • BDEW-Chef Stefan Kapferer zum heutigen Konsultationsstart zum Grünbuch Energieeffizienz


    • EU Commission Answer - Signals to give investors in renewable energy confidence - E-003703/2016
    • EU Commission Answer - Cost-effectiveness of renewable energy financing - E-003576/2016
    • EU Joint Research: The ups and downs of solar energy potential in Europe and Africa in 2030


    • U.S. EIA: World tight oil production to more than double from 2015 to 2040
    • Moody's: Outlooks for Global Integrated Oil and Exploration and Production Sectors Shift to Stable from Negative


    • Energy Storage and the Supermajors - Microgrid Knowledge
    • # NORD STREAM 2
    • Poland Blocks Nord Stream 2 Partners' Plans - Natural Gas Europe

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