IEU INNOVATION Telegram 13 July 2016


  • Workshop for smart specialisation in industrial modernisation and investment
  • Setting up a European Investment Platform on Raw Materials and Recycling - Declaration of Support
  • Europe's steel industry needs a level playing field to survive
  • May 2016 compared with April 2016 - Industrial production down by 1.2% in euro area - Down by 1.1% in EU28


  • Publications - Voting list : 2016 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection


  • EESC: Study on assessment of the effectiveness of the EU SMEs policies 2007-2015


  • EESC: No time for business as usual: the EU must change to better deliver a Europe that works for workers
  • "We must tackle social dumping to renew citizens' trust in the European project" say S&Ds
  • ALDE: Social dumping: labour mobility and Europe’s competitiveness must be safeguarded
  • Temporary employment in the EU: springboards or career dead ends?
  • A new start for parents and caregivers: Commission launches second-stage consultation of EU social partner organisations on work-life balance



  • Amendments 1 - 27 - How best to harness the job creation potential of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)? - PE 585.710v01-00 - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
  • Working document - Report on the application of Council Directive 2004/113/EC implementing the principle of equal treatment between men and women in the access to and supply of goods and services - PE 585.717v02-00 - Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality

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