IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 26 July 2016


    • DG Research: Success Stories - Replacing oil in plastics production with organic waste


    • Clamping down on illegal poisoning: Spain’s VENENO project
    • Tackling environmental crime with intelligence-led policing: the case of e-waste
    • Environmental criminal enforcement: most effective when combined with administrative sanctions
    • Is prison a real threat for environmental offenders?
    • Satellite images as evidence in court: legal obstacles to their use in environmental investigations
    • Satellites could help prosecute environmental criminals
    • Efforts to fight environmental crime in the EU evaluated
    • Network for Ireland’s Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (NIECE): a story of successful implementation
    • Getting the maximum benefit from Environmental Enforcement Networks
    • Communication and evaluation: key to effective Environment Enforcement Networks
    • Tailored enforcement strategies may improve environmental outcomes
    • Environmental compliance assurance systems compared in OECD study
    • Environmental compliance assurance and combatting environmental crime July 2016


    • EU Environmental Law for Non-Lawyers - EIPA


    • Independent report: UK Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP): annual report for 2015

    # LIFE

    • European bison releases creating a viable wild population in Romania



    • COMMISSION NOTICE Commission guidance document on streamlining environmental assessments conducted under Article 2(3) of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive (Directive 2011/92/EU, as amended by Directive 2014/52/EU)

    # EFSA 

    • Have your say – public consultation on GM plant allergenicity guidance
    • Public consultation on the draft Guidance Document on allergenicity assessment of genetically modified plantsA

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