IEU INNOVATION Telegram - 2 May 2016


  • The Netherlands’ contribution to the European Research Area


  • Documentation of a public hearing on SMEs: new financial instruments and national promotional banks - 26-04-2016 - Committee on Budgets


  • Call for applications for membership in the Commission expert group on recovery rules for fertilising products
  • EU Commission: Study on the impacts of REACH authorisation
  • Chemicals - Call for applications for members and observers to the Technical Working Group for the development of possible process and product criteria for struvite, biochar and ash-based products for use in fertilising products (STRUBIAS TWG)
  • ESA: Second ExoMars mission moves to next launch opportunity in 2020


  • cep-Analyse: Europäisches Handeln für Barrierefreiheit



  • Publications - Coordinators results : EMPL Coordinators results - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
  • Answer - Long-term unemployment - E-001539/2016
  • Answer - Female entrepreneurship in Greece - E-000611/2016
  • Answer - Public procurement procedures - E-001007/2016
  • Answer - Special procurement and tendering - E-000978/2016
  • Answer - Procurement practice of the Hungarian Government - E-000319/2016
  • Answer - Situation of agents and authorised repairers in the EU motor industry in the face of the strong power wielded by manufacturers/marques - E-015782/2015
  • Answer - Gig economy and on-demand workers - P-001334/2016
  • Answer - SME instrument evaluations - E-001861/2016
  • Answer - Official guidelines for the sharing economy - E-000708/2016
  • Answer - Barriers and obstacles for SMEs - E-000260/2016
  • Answer - Youth Employment Initiative - E-001784/2016
  • Answer - Traceability of European products - E-001685/2016


  • Cm 2538 2016 Init Joint Competitiveness and Growth (Better Regulation)/Research Working Party Morning only


  • Agenda of the TCMV of 12 May 2016

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