IEU CLIMATE Telegram 10 May 2016


  • The Energy Collective - To End Windfall Profits, the EU Should Limit Free Allocation of CO2 Allowances to Industry


  • French Government: COP21 carbon footprint: a success story
  • ICAP at the Carbon Expo 2016 in Cologne
  • The Climate Group: Last coal-fired plants shut down in South Australia and Scotland show global rise of renewable energy

# COP22

  • UNEP report: Cost of adapting to climate change could hit $500B per year by 2050 - United Nations Sustainable Development
  • Almost Everything You Know About Climate Change Solutions Is Outdated, Part 1 – ThinkProgress


  • Horizon 2020: An empirical approach to climate change adaptation
  • Dutch EU Presidency: International partnership for stronger urban deltas
  • Dutch Minister Schultz launches International Delta Coalition


  • EU Parliament: Draft agenda - Tuesday, 24 May 2016 - PE 582.328v01-00 - Committee of Inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector
  • T&E: 4 reasons why cutting transport emissions is not expensive



  • Answer - Restriction on access to the English Channel for freighters using heavy fuel oil - E-001955/2016
  • Answer - Blue Print project and grave polluting impact of port and ship repair activities on the city of Genoa - E-001576/2016 
  • Answer - Safety of drilling - E-002430/2016 
  • Answer - Lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector - E-001808/2016 
  • Answer - Highly fluorinated substances in the environment - E-001924/2016 

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