EU TRADE Telegram - 22 April 2016


  • EU Commission on 13th round of TTIP negotiations
  • U.S. Trade Representaitve: 13th Round Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations April 25 – April 29, 2016 - New York, NY
  • EU Trade Commissioner Malmström participates in Citizens' Dialogue in Helsinki
  • EU Parliament: Answer - TTIP and Sustainable Development Goals - E-015857/2015
  • Blog: Europe, do not fall into Obama’s TTIP trap - Marietje Schaake
  • EPC POLICY BRIEFING: The U.S.’s Third Offset Strategy and its implications for transatlantic security
  • AK Europa: USA versus Kanada? – Neues aus der Handelspolitik


  • EU Trade Commissioner Malmström met Minister Freeland of Canada
  • Bundestag: Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage Drucksache 18/8024 - CETA-Vertrag nach Abschluss der Rechtsförmlichkeitsprüfung 18/8175 (PDF)


  • Statement by Commissioners Malmström, Thyssen and Mimica on the 3rd anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy


  • EU Commissioners in joint mission to Turkey to attend High-level Economic Dialogue in Turkey


  • A trade deal with strong social and environmental clauses will benefit both Indonesia and the EU, says David Martin (S&D)


  • Joint report of the first EU-Tunisia negotiation round


  • EU Commission: Answer - Honouring by China of undertakings given as a member of the WTO - E-000859/2016


  • WTO: Russian Federation ratifies Trade Facilitation Agreement


  • WTO: India ratifies Trade Facilitation Agreement
  • WTO: India launches safeguard investigation on unwrought aluminium


  • Two new directors appointed at the EEAS



  • Publications - Roll call votes : Voting results in INTA Committee - Committee on International Trade
  • Roll call votes of 21 April 2016
  • Roll call votes of 15 March 2016
  • Roll call votes of 16 February 2016
  • Roll call votes of 25 January 2016
  • Roll call votes of 18 January 2016
  • Draft opinion - Implementation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy - PE 580.697v01-00 - Committee on Budgets
  • Answer - The investor-to-state dispute settlement mechanism in the EU-Canada Agreement - E-008977/2014


  • St 8145 2016 Init Outcome of Proceedings of the Working Party on Dual Use Goods of 18 April 2016

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